If Christ Himself lost it in the temple, why can’t a smith miss a punchline at the theatre?

We are only human, and some of our reactions sometimes come from the imperfections that remind us that we still are fallen beings that need to work harder on ourselves. Now it is easy for the good people who have never sinned to cast the first stone on a craftsman who all his life worked so hard to perfect his art to at last receive an award he all of sudden doesn’t deserve anymore, just because for a few seconds, he was taken on top of the mountain and was asked to jump, only to wake up and see himself on calvary, crucified by sinners and witches.

Let’s just move on.

As far as I am concerned, we should now move on and focus on things that can make us be better people rather than continue to over analyse this unfortunate situation that occurred between two human beings who since apologized to each other. Yes for the superhuman beings who still want to be vindicated in this affair that hurts them so much, without being the victim themselves, maybe I must say that Chris and Will apologized to each other for what happened at the Academy Awards ceremony, for the simple fact that Chris refused to press charges against Will and we all saw the written apology from Mr Smith posted on Instagram. I know for many of you, not pressing charges is not an apology, and it is not good enough for you to let go because you think you are better than these two black brothers; well, if that’s how you feel, you can still go to the mountain and jump.

There’s so much that can be said about this story, but I won’t play the psychologist, the media analyst or the specialist in emotional intelligence, nor will I be a hypocrite like some bloggers, columnists or analysts who feed on such excrement, especially when they just got discharged. I won’t be these pseudo-pathologists who always want to be the first to talk about the texture, the composition of such faeces, to determine the nature of the disease found in the smelly excretion to warn they followers against the sick person without being capable of prescribing a cure. No, I won’t be these people who are just after Likes from their subscribers instead of being intellectually honest, which sometime takes time to analyse quietly this kind of situation by putting it into context and taking into account some of the circumstances of the wrong that could have occurred.

If Chris Rock was white…

I just want to say that, I am pretty sure that the reactions would have been different if Jada was a white woman or if Chris Rock was a white comedian, Will Smith a black man or a white man and vice-versa. I will leave it here and let you think about it, but like I said, I won’t comment further because Will apologized and Chris didn’t press charges.

It is just sad to see that, despite the effort that Will Smith put all these years to perfect his craft to become one of the greatest actor in Hollywood, the Devil got him somehow; but by resigning from the Academy, he just won a place in purgatory from where he can still rise again to prove to all these mortals who want his blood, that he is not Legion but indeed LEGEND.  

Jacques Faran K. / Original text in English

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